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Day 11 of 156…tray two

If you’re wondering why my target has fallen from 170 days to 156, I emailed my ortho on Friday to report that the tray 1 was getting looser and seemed to have done its job. I was advised that change of trays can be initiated anytime between days 8 to 10 depending on whether the trays begin to feel passive, which mine certainly did. So, I have calculated my total time based on nine-day cycles, instead of the original ten, throwing in a few extra days for good measure….so now my target is 156 days(!) of which I have now served eleven. Fab!

I know many of you out there will be on anything between 10-14 day change cycles. I think you just have to trust your ortho and ask questions of him if you’re unsure. I know Paul is considered one of the (if not THE!) leading practitioner of Invisalign in the UK and does 000’s of cases. I trust his judgment implicitly. He also told me that the 14 days is often factored in by orthos due to periods of likely non-compliance. He was not concerned for me as I am a super-compliant 22 hours/per day patient! (…so far anyhow!)

So how about my progress….

I changed my trays yesterday but did so before going to bed, so almost two days ago now. One word comes to mind (well two actually but only one is printable)…….*&@**”  TIGHT!!! Get it? Wow, these things are so much tighter than tray 1, almost as if the lab was easing you in gently! Yesterday was pretty painful and I needed a couple of doses of Ibuprofen to get through. Removal and replacement was hellish. The teeth seemed painful and tender. Eating hurts on day 1 that’s for sure. Getting the trays back in hurts too but once in, as before, things settle down. I’m pleased to say that today (day 2) things are better although there is still discomfort. By day 4 things will be fine I’m sure. I can’t say I have noticed any real difference as yet. Even flossing is just as hard as before. Too early, I sense.

The whitening is coming along. I have done about 7 sessions now and there is a noticeable difference although by no means significant. Some people’s teeth respond better than others and maybe mine just don’t respond that well to this type of product? My ortho says that everyone comments in the the same way as we forget what colour they were to start with (which makes sense I suppose). Anyhow, I have posted some update pictures here so take a look for yourself.

Bye for now!


Day 5 of 170…whitening!

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