6 Month Smiles

My journey started in January 2010.

I had heard about a new type/style of braces called “Six Month Smiles”, which had been sold successfully across America. The “system” was based on traditional train-track-style braces (albeit with tooth coloured brackets) that moved the first six teeth (three each side) while having minimal impact on the back teeth. It could correct the aesthetics of a smile but not the bite and so was really only a half-way house, so to speak. That said it only took about a third of the time of traditional braces and was sold on that basis.

My initial appointment was at the Birmingham Braces Clinic as they offered free assessments. Somehow, paying for an assessment prior to spending many thousand of pounds seems an affront to common sense! Charging for one seems an affront to good business practice! (I told myself that I would refuse to pay for an assessment anywhere!) Fortunately, with the influx of competition from Eastern Europe and plain common sense prevailing more and more dentists are offering free consultations for orthodontic treatment (in fact give it a few more years and these £100 assessments will be a thing of the past!)

I saw a pleasant enough lady dentist and she agreed to the Six Month Smile treatment. It was an easy sell for her I guess. Other options were mentioned briefly and I was aware of Invisalign but since I had suggested Six Month Smiles it was the least path of resistance (for the dentist) so I ended up being quoted for that alone. For my turn-key package, I would have to cough-up £3200 + fillings. I think the brace itself was £2700 for both arches. I went away to contemplate.

Cautious as I am, it took until November to decide to take things further. However, by that stage the dentist had left and it was necessary to get a clinical view from the dentist that would be conducting the treatment, which meant a return visit for another assessment with Dr Jag Shergill, the owner and principal dentist. The prognosis and recommendation was the same (again, the least path of resistance I suspect!) He honoured the price and told me to book in for the New Year should I decide to go ahead.

2011 came and I lost my job! I couldn’t proceed – it wasn’t sensible to spend x £000’s under my circumstances.

Summer’s here – cash in the bank and this time I’m going for it. I have a quote from the Birmingham Braces Clinic so I need a second opinion on the Six Month Smiles.

Take a look at the pics of my “before” teeth, or

Jump to my first post: Here We Go!


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