Hope…(at last)

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Did I say that I am pretty fed up in my search for a good, honest dentist that will neither rip me off nor deal with me in an unprofessional and impolite  manner. (OK a bit of a generalisation but … Continue reading


Off to Poland! (Surely not?)

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I think I may have alluded to being fed up with the whole process. Maybe I’ll always be disappointed here in the UK with the greedy margins and smug dentists. Maybe there is another way…. It’s common knowledge now that … Continue reading


Visit 5 – Clayton Dental Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

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So, after my extremely disappointing visit to the Birmingham Braces Clinic (did I say never go there, BTW?) I head off up the M6 motorway to Newcastle-under-Lyme to the Clayton Dental Centre. I have high hopes as the dentist I am … Continue reading


Visit 4 – Birmingham Braces Clinic

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Back to see Dr Jag Shergill. I’m on time but kept waiting over 30 mins! His first words were “We’ve seen you three times before. What can I do for you this time?” His attitude was surly, his manner abrupt, … Continue reading

Quick Recap

So far I’ve seen 4 dentists if I count Birmingham Braces Clinic the year before.

My conclusions so far are that they are generally very willing (within clinical suitability of course) to provide any course of treatment you either suggest or are willing to pay for. Dare you suggest a treatment and wham.. straight in for the kill. Yes Sir, suits you Sir (that’ll be £x thousand of pounds please.)

Only ONE dentist  had really told me the merits of the treatments and which one was advisable for me. The key word here being advisable! Please advise me – you’re the dentist!

So armed with my new knowledge about the right course of treatment for me I go on another journey, this time to find the right Invisalign provider. (No more Six Month Smiles!)

Tomorrow I go back to see Dr Jag Shergill at the Birmingham Braces Clinic. I’m really hopeful that this is it. I’ll talk to him about Invisalign this time. Get his quote and probably go for it if it seems competitive. I’ve seen him before and quite liked him. He was certainly very friendly first time around.


Visit 3 – New St Dental, Birmingham

OK – yesterday another dentist.

This time New St Dental, on New St, Birmingham. This time I was running late but only by 5 minutes. I arrive but then have to wait my self for 15 minutes.

I see the dentist who is hurried. OK I was 5 minutes late but it’s no biggie surely, especially when almost every dentist makes YOU wait.

This time voila! Six Month Smiles can be done but if I wanted the back teeth to be moved and most importantly the third tooth on the one side I would need either train tracks or Invisalign. Dr Kumar was the first dentist to really explore the Invisalign option with me. I did want the best possible outcome so decided that I would prefer more information and a quote for Invisalign as opposed to Six Month Smiles.

He quoted £3000 + £695 for my crown, with free whitening.

I left pleased that, on the one hand I finally had a measured clinical opinion and that Invisalign was a credible option for me but also pretty pissed off that I was rushed out the chair and reminded that I was late so had to be moved on for “the other patients who had kept there times” (Blimey Doc, have a tablet – I couldn’t help the traffic and it was only 5 minutes!”)

I felt I couldn’t go there due to his rudeness. His loss.


Visit 2 – Willows Dental Practice, Wombourne

Onwards then…. I’ve just seem a new dentist in Wombourne, near Wolverhampton. They also do Six Month Smiles and, most importantly at this stage, free consultations. I meet a nice guy there (he’s running late too!) the principal and owner … Continue reading

Visit 1 – Stella Maris Practice, West Bromwich

I went to the Stella Maris Practice in West Bromwich yesterday. It seemed OK but they were running 30 mins late (which really irritates me when it’s private treatment – they would turn you away if ever it was reversed!)

Anyhow, to my surprise, the dentist was quite negative. After I was press-ganged to pay £11 for an x-ray so she could see the merits of my crown she was very cautious about proceeding with any orthodontic treatment. She was unsure whether there was any fusion to the bone and generally unsure of herself in recommending Six Month Smiles. After a good 15 mins of poking around all she did was offer me a referral to a specialist orthodontist in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (which was miles away I might add).  There was no mention of Invisalign. I left pretty miffed and not much wiser.

I needed another dentist.

Here we go!

Unfortunately, my bank balance commands that I get the best deal possible (within reason). OK, so a few hundred pounds here and there won’t necessarily swing it for me but multiple hundreds or even thousands certainly will!

Straight to Google, I enter “Six Month Smiles, Staffordshire” and “Six Month Smiles, Birmingham” and take a punt on a couple of local practices providing the service.

I call the first. They do it! Ace! Unfortunately, they can only see me if I pay the best part of £100 for an “orthodontic consultation”, which includes x-rays, photographs and a full assessment of my needs…so no good!

There’s no way I’m going to pay for an assessment prior to spending many thousand of pounds. No other business prospects for work this way – wise up dentists!

More phoning and I find a practice in West Bromwich offering Six Month Smiles consultations for free so I book in for the 21st July.