Clincheck Videos Here!

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Ahead of schedule, my Invisalign clincheck videos have arrived . I (and now you) can see the predicted movement of my teeth. How clever! Treatment time is estimated at five and a half months, which is 17 aligners in all … Continue reading


Let the Journey Begin….

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Finally, after what seems to be an age………(yawn!!) I set off for Soham Dental Practice! “Every journey starts with the first step” as they say. Anyhow, I’m not disappointed. Paul Humber is on-time and is very friendly. Just right in … Continue reading


Polish Comes Good! (who’d ‘ave thought it?)

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To my surprise, I hear back from Dental Poland today via email….and I’m impressed! Martin is my contact there and sends me a fairly comprehensive breakdown of likely costs. Their view was that the Damon braces system would be better … Continue reading

Testing my iPhone 4 for blogging!

This has absolutely nothing to do with my teeth, teeth in general or invisalign! Just testing my wordpress app on the iPhone!

Oh go on then…While I’m here I might as well tell you that I did hear from the Polish practice today. They thought the Damon system was better for me. Price by tomorrow they said – I’ll let you know. Cheers!

“Before” Pics Published

Just published my “before” pics, here.

Don't be fooled - they're not this good in real life!

Blimey – all of a sudden I think my teeth look awful. Massive motivation to get them fixed and to see the treatment through. (I can’t believe I never did it years ago – if you’re reading this and in two minds – go for it!…and you’ll start to feel very excited like me!)

Invisalign Poll – Are you satisfied?


Still Happy!

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Well, I’m the kind of bloke that tends to sleep on things. That said I’m just as pleased today as yesterday. I even get an email from Paul acknowledging my appointment. (I’m hoping for a cancellation so I can get … Continue reading


Decision Made – Feels Good Already!

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I’ve seen one more dentist today – The Priory Dental Practice which is based in Aldridge, West Midlands. I was quoted £3300 + £500 crown + £200 fillings (total £4000) although there was a £150 discount for upfront payment. Nice … Continue reading

Update on Clayton Dental Centre

I’m thinking about Clayton still.

I email the practice to seek confirmation about the cost bracket/category in which my treatment will fall. I explain that if it is the basic category I may be inclined to go head but if it falls into the next category, which is an extra £1000, then it would be cost-prohibitive.

Update: 5 days on, I never received a reply so it’s an easy decision (I think it was anyhow).

Update 2: I do receive a letter by post (20/08/11). Doesn’t change my mind though. No lee-way from the dentist (how predictable!) Basically, I have to pay £200 to determine whether I pay another £1000 for my treatment (and now even root canal treatment is mentioned – not impressed). Even so, it wouldn’t have changed my decision.


Visit 6 – WS4 Dental Practice, Walsall

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I see yet another dentist today, but only because it was in the dairy and he is fairly local otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I visit the WS4 practice in Walsall, West Midlands. (Waiting again – the norm now, … Continue reading