Some years ago, aged 12, my then dentist recommended I wear a brace. Well my sis had one and while they were considered seriously uncool I agreed. Alas, mine wasn’t the small plate type brace that sis had and which fitted discretely in the roof of her mouth.

Not pretty!

Oh no, mine was hardcore! Known as a headgear brace it comprised multiple brackets fixed to the rear teeth to allow an external wire to be inserted into the brackets that would then come out of the mouth and attach to a strap that was tight around the head. It created a rearward force designed to move crowded teeth. (Why couldn’t he have just given me the train tracks?) Needless to say, it never really got worn and has since become an outmoded form of orthodontics (what a surprise!)

So, I then reach my early twenties and still have crooked, overcrowded teeth. No more I say! I see my dentist who suggests I go for a “cosmetic” solution. He shaves my front tooth and fits the crown that remains now. While my teeth are still crowded the unsightly front tooth that crossed over the other has gone.

I recall being satisfied at the time. But as the years have passed the colouration between the crown and my other teeth has become more noticeable and the bulbous crown more embarrassing. I can’t believe I never noticed how large and bulbous the crown really was! It even glows in the dark! 

Time to get my teeth sorted once and for all! This time I want the full “turn-key” package that will achieve all the following outcomes:

  1. Straighten my teeth;
  2. Fit a new top-notch porcelain crown with possible matching veneer on opposing front tooth;
  3. Whiten my teeth;
  4. Replace two large metal/grey fillings on the lower arch with white ones.
  5. Replace two small white fillings both upper canines.

Being noticed in a brace is not a primary concern for me now but since I’m contemplating changing jobs soon and due to braces being perceived at least as a younger persons mission, the prospect of having something adult orientated and, at least, partially invisible appeals I guess. Having said that, I say to myself “keep an open mind and go with the best clinical judgment even if that means train-tracks”.

So, I start my quest to find the right solution with the right provider at the right price! Click here for the next page and the start of my journey.


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