Me & My Blog

Hi Folks!

My name is David, from the UK.

Third Time Lucky?

This blog is all about my quest for straight teeth. In fact, a life-long journey. OK, well not quite an epic but twice things have failed. My first attempt, aged 12, was a disaster wearing a headgear brace. My second attempt, aged 22, met with only partial success from a cosmetic solution; this time – attempt three, it’s going to work!

I hope this blog provides a real insight into what I go through. The highs, the lows and the (fingers crossed) Hollywood smile at the end. Only ten or so months to go!

Subscribe and follow my progress, comment and join in. Maybe you’re also in treatment or thinking of it, in which case share your journey with me too. Cheers, David.

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This is also my first ever blog BTW! 

Any opinions expressed by me or others via this blog are not expert in any way nor based on any clinical judgment or knowledge. 


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