Day 122 of 156….Tray 14

Time is rolling by!

Tray 14 now. Not much to report other than to reiterate some earlier themes.

One observation – Before you start this process your expectations will be fairly reasonable. You want straight teeth, maybe a shade or two lighter and that’s about it. However, after 1) paying your money; 2) going through the actual process (which is at best tiresome) and; 3) realising that this is a once-never to be repeated adventure you start to become highly critical about the way your teeth are moving.

In my case, there seems to be lots to correct when I revisit Paul at the end of March. Rather than thinking the refinements process is another yawn and “do I have to?” – now it’s more a case of “thank goodness for refinements – bring it on and sort out my niggles”.

There are a number of things bugging me:

1) The shape of my good front tooth – this will need some contouring before they set the other crown to match;

2) The rear molars on the one side are way too far inset and need to be coaxed out further (I think I mentioned this before!)

3) Small black triangles have appeared in between three teeth. As the teeth have straightened the top is wider thsan the bottom and so with the gum recession that has happened, small spaces, which appear as black due to there being no light in my mouth have appeared. Annoyingly they are in the centre of my teeth. These will definitely need fixing!

4) The third canines on both sides need some work. These were done by Paul to correct some decay but the finish is a little bumpy and irregular.

5) General spacing and corrective work. A few shapes and angles here and there – just what refinements are there for.

This blog will be going a while yet folks!

Till next time.


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