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An Inside View

I thought I would share a couple of thoughts on this late evening.

When I began this process on 03rd November as I recall, I was extremely diligent. I would aim to wear my trays for the maximum possible duration, leaving them out only for eating. Alas, you soon realise that this cannot and does not last! Familiarity breeds contempt as they say and, in my case at least, I have had some pretty resentful days with my trays being in, out, in, out, in….yawn (you get the picture?).

But I realised that this situation isn’t at all so bad. Let me reassure any of you out there either considering this course of treatment or going through it like me that the dedication you believe to be necessary at the start is not really so. Certainly, you will need to wear the trays throughout the day but I can tell you that my trays can sit out for quite long periods for no apparent reason. An hour here or there just because….well, I feel like it. Dinner out means trays out for three-to-four hours – again, no problem! By the morning all feels and looks normal. The tracking between trays seems fine too and each new tray goes in with little difficulty (maybe a single days bedding in time but that’s all!)

And then there’s the cleaning regime. Like before, at the outset cleaning was regimented and thorough. Straight away, after every meal. Flossing too most times. But now, it can sometimes be a very quick brush over (no toothpaste) and trays back in. That way I get to snack more which is altogether more normal than the three meals a day when you begin. I’d say my teeth get at least a three to four thorough cleans with toothpaste every day now. I’m just not doing eight times anymore – again, there have been no problems and no, I’m not in the least bit worried of all my teeth falling out from decay! The longest period between proper cleans is only a few hours.

So there you have it folks – I guess that Invisalign (and your dentist) will cover themselves against all known claims by giving you chapter and verse in how to use the system but it really can be quite flexible which ultimately is testament to its brilliance! Bye for now!


Day 122 of 156….Tray 14

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