I Need a Moan!

Ok, I need a moan and swear!!

*** *** Invisalign you annoying ***** things!

Some of you may recall that I struggled with clencing in the early stages of my treatment. Well it’s sort of returned of late but I’ve been managing to cope OK. I think I just get on with things in a resigned sort of way these days. But the other day, while my teeth and braces were having a momentary clenching battle, the bottom set of aligners sort of skidded off the top set and…arrgh!! – straight through my tongue! Proper pain! On coming around from the shock my trays filled up with blood like a boxer’s gum shield followed by the customanry spit in to the sink. WOWZERS!

So, Seconds out….round two earlier today – once again straight through my unhealed tongue! I could have passed out but beat the count and stayed on my feet.

Seconds out, round three. 15 minutes ago I was floored again! As I type I am am really struggling but somehow getting this down is my kind of short term therapy to take my mind of the big sting!

Problem is I can’t throw the towel in – I have to keep suffering! This is not plain sailing folks!!


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