Day 103 of 156….Tray 12

Tray 12…and counting I tell you.

I think I am getting less impressed as I close in on the first stop date, which is scheduled for the 28th March.

I’ve just started tray 12 and while my teeth are a wholesale improvement they are some way off my Hollywood smile. Fisrt, I am disappointed that my teeth will not go any lighter / whiter. They seem stuck at a tad under the shade of my crown, which is OK, just not where I had hoped they would be. I think my teeth are the type that will not whiten that well. The colour is important because come the 28th March I will be getting a new crown and I need to have my teeth settled on a shade I know I can mainatin moving forward otherwise the crown will always look odd and a Simon Cowell set of veneers will be the only way forward (Noooo! I hear you all cry!)

Second, looking back at my clincheck, there seem to be some rear molars that are not scheduled to move and I fear these will have to move out during refinements to get a broader smile. This could take a while!

Third, generally, now that my teeth have been revealed for the first proper time in my life, the overall shape is a tad irregular. I will discuss this with Paul and apparently he can do some contouring to imporove this. The third canines need some refinement too from the original filling work that was done.

So all in all things are OK but I fear I’m only about half way to be honest. Coming up is an appointment on 28th March for a temp crown, impressions and some contouring work, then a revisit on the 11th April for my new crown, then more impressions followed by a four week wait for refinements to arrive. Then a course of refinements which could be anything from 1-10 more trays (yawn!)

We’ll see!


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