Day 78 of 156…half way!

Wow – half way. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re not, at least it does when you’re in Invisalign treatment! (It’s not that bad really!)

I really can’t believe that I’m half way through – on original estimates anyhow. I mustn’t forget that there will be some delay at the end for both my new crown and the refinements which may add up to another three more months or so. By then though I’ll have pretty good teeth and be smiling in abundance so who cares!! As I’ve always said it’s all good.

So how have things been you ask? Since I last updated the teeth have moved considerably and from all angles. The pain has been ok. A little than others on a few trays but in general, surprisingly good. There is some tooth wobble(!) which is still disconcerting but normal I’m told! The annoyance is still pretty high and I do get fed up with them from time to time (daily actually!). My compliance has leveled off at a fairly regular 20 hours per day with lots of short breaks for snacks, tea and restbite. There are moments, usually mid afternoon when they drive me absolute nuts! I simply have to remove for a good 20 mins and reset things – mentally too. (Sorry to my Doc – I just can’t manage the 22 hours I was getting at the beginning! Although having said that the trays fit well enough each time with little fuss so it seems the teeth are getting long enough (I hope!)) One thing is for sure and that is I am living every moment with Invisalign – no fire and forget here!

I’ve been back to see Paul today for my first proper appointmernt since starting the treatment. As ever Paul was on-time and ready for me. Always the Pro! He said he was pleased with the way my teeth were tracking and everything was going great. So on course which was a relief. You hear all sorts of stories about mid-term corrections. He then did some work to change my two grey filings on my lower arch to white ones – yeah! No more grey filings for me….well almost! In the end Paul decided to remove a small top section only and cover with porcelain but the result has left some grey still so I’ll have to discuss further and maybe go again? – we’ll see. It’s no problem though. I’m told that the white fillings are just as durable these days so, other than cost, there is no reason not to have them wouldn’t you say?

I’ve continued with the whitening and my teeth have whitened by a shade or two but the results are nothing to write home about. My teeth have caught up with the colour of my crown, which was set when I was aged 22 so I’ve managed to reverse a few years, lose some yellowing and get a fairly consisitent colour. They look fine TBH although I had hoped they would go a tad whiter than the crown so that I could change the crown to match at the end. Sadly not, but I’m not too bothered. You also have to be careful not to over-do the cosmetics with this type of work. Straightening, bleaching, contouring, filing and filling – there’s always a danger of ending up with the all-American, Simon Cowell (is that a contradiction?) look which I think looks stupid personally and is certainly not a goal of mine.

Onwards then, and all downhill from here as they say. Tray number 10 in a few days time. New crown by the 11th April and refinements to follow – Zipping along! I’m pretty happy all things considered. Pictures to follow.

Till next time.


2 responses to “Day 78 of 156…half way!

  1. Cool blog, I really want the invisalign treatment and i am currently looking about for an invisalign dentist myself so this is really informative and helpful way of seeing what’s going on! Please keep up the good blog work! 😀

  2. where are you my friend? If you’re within reasonable travelling distance to soham, cambridge, then defo go to Hopvine house. he’s the best – it’s so easy with Paul, no dramas, best dentist at best price.

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