Day 36 of 156…tray 5 (25% complete)

Time has rolled on and it’s time for tray 5, which is a quarter of the way there! Gone quickly I think. (Pictures of tray 6 though as I couldn’t be bothered with a new post!)

Things are OK in general. Not brilliant but OK. That might be as good as it ever gets. Having plastic in your mouth 24/7 is not particularly fun. Tray 3 was really annoying as was tray 4. My compliance went down the pan as I was constantly removing the aligners to re-seat. I lost at least an hour each day fiddling about so I’m probably down to 20-21 hours per day (which is still OK…just!) My clenching has returned somewhat too which is not good. I put it down to the fact that now the initial euphoria of getting started has passed, I am into the tiresome routine that is Invisalign. Only at this stage there is very little (if anything) to show for it. No noticeable tooth movement – just toothache for the first four days out of every ten. Come on teeth! If all things are equal aren’t you supposed to have moved at least 25% of the way by now?Things seem slow to say the least.

On a slightly different topic, I am a keen participant in sport and exercise regularly. Initially, I was a tad concerned they would interfere with my exercise regimes but so far so good. Running 10km is do-able. My mouth gets a little dry and if running any further I would have to think of a different strategy but otherwise, OK. You just have to remember more water when you stop. Swimming is fine though – plenty there to keep swilling with! That’s the thing with Invisalign – you’re always having to remember something. It does change your lifestyle. Thank goodness it’s only for 5 months. Hats off to all you guys that can do it for 12-18 months (or more in some cases!)

So my summary to date: Seems I can live with them and I don’t hate them….but no (!) I definitely don’t love them!

Moving off-topic again, I have read that Invisalign is good for dieters. There are numerous accounts from people (mainly women) losing uber pounds from not snacking throughout the day. A win-win for them at least! I, on the other hand, have put four pounds ON! WHAT! Seriously annoying! In my case, I find that when I do remove the trays for meals, I gorge like there’s no tomorrow, stuffing my face with all manner of things. I go sweet to savoury to sweet and back to savoury with the strangest of combos. I can come in from my day and before dinner / supper (which is probably only an hour or two away) I can easily scoff some decent proportions of breakfast cereal, chocolate, biscuits, bananas and peanuts. In fact anything so long as it’s food! Well, life would be boring if we were all the same.


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