Day 5 of 170…whitening!

Hi Folks,

I thought I would give you a brief update on my Invisalign treatment. Things have settled down loads since days 1/2. Tolerance has increased tenfold. I wouldn’t say that the trays feel normal in my mouth (perhaps they never will) but acceptance is much greater. I clench far less now my brain has reassured itself that what’s in my mouth is not harmful. Now, my jaws stop at the trays instead of carrying on to their previous default position by trying to grind through the equivalent of hard concrete! (No doubt at the end of treatment my jaws may not be able to accept that the trays are not there (!) which seems rather ironic at this stage of proceedings.) I still look forward to removing the trays although my teeth do hurt with the trays out. It seems that I can’t wait to get them out but can’t wait to get them back in either – strange but true!

The whole eating/cleaning routine is rather tiresome and woe be tide if you are running late – you’ll be even later, trust me! For your information, I use “Retainer Brite” tablets from Amazon for cleaning (96 tabs for £12-99) link here, one per day, although normal denture cleaning tablets also work fine.

On to the whitening then…

I have a kit by NITE WHITE (22% formula) which, from my brief research, seems highly regarded by dentists worldwide. My instructions are to place a thin line of gel into my trays and wear for one hour, which I have done three times now. I must say the results are very good in my opinion. I think my teeth are noticeably lighter but in a good, natural way. I wouldn’t say they are white (although that’s not necessarily the goal) but are much better than before. I have two target markers to aim for: 1) the colour of my crown; 2) the whites of my eyes (which it is said should ideally match your teeth). I think a few more sessions and I should be at stage one of matching to my crown, at which point I think I will leave things alone for a while. From my readings, however, I need to complete the majority of whitening by the time the attachments go on (end of January) as I don’t think I can whiten with them in place(?) I will post some pictures soon so you can judge for yourself.


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