Day 2 of 170…on my way!

…I awoke this morning to my new (albeit temporary) life with braces. I actually kept them in this morning until the very last minute when I needed to eat my breakfast. They were not too bad after a nights sleep. I go into my newly formed routine of soak, clean, eat, brush, floss and return to my mouth.

Wow – as I ate my brekkie I noticed that the pain on the one tooth is worse than yesterday. It is apparent that this 1st set of aligners  is moving one specific tooth in particular….and yes! it is definitely moving! I headed off for the day trying to relax about the trays. It sort of works for a while as I was clenching far less. Every-time I thought about clenching my teeth together I tried to have an immediate secondary thought of RELAX, which doesn’t always work but helps a lot.

I got to lunch and couldn’t wait to take them out – they seem to start to get to me after about 4-5 hours and almost completely dominate my thoughts. Out they came – blimey the pain was so intense on the one tooth I had to take some Ibuprofen. I started to wonder whether I should email Paul at this point, but I didn’t panic and carried on. The pain eased after about 10 mins, but not completely. Incidentally, once the trays are back in the pain subsides completely (as the teeth are back in their new position I guess?) which is rather ironic, but hey.

The evening has been mixed. More than anything else though I want to stop THINKING about them, which is easier said than done.

So there you go. Today has been fairly low-key so far. A couple of lows but better than yesterday by a small hair. I’m hoping that each day will bring even greater acceptance. I will update you all again when I start the whitening, which should be in a few days time.


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