Clincheck Videos Here!

Ahead of schedule, my Invisalign clincheck videos have arrived . I (and now you) can see the predicted movement of my teeth. How clever! Treatment time is estimated at five and a half months, which is 17 aligners in all and, therefore, 170 days as my tray change frequency is every 10 days, not 12-14 like some others. (BTW U17 / L17 is the correct terminology and abbreviation apparently.) Anyway – BRILLIANT! I should add that there will be refinements afterwards, which are positively encourage by Paul and will add a further couple of months. Nevertheless, stage 1 will be out of the way by 23 April 2012 by my calculations.

I email Paul my dentist with a couple of questions relating to the crown and triangles of space that appear in the centre of the smile at the end of treatment and I am reassured that both can be sorted out. The crown will be replaced anyhow so its no biggie. A slight negative are the tooth coloured blobs that affix to the teeth although they are towards the rear of my mouth and generally out of view. They are added to allow the aligners to grip better when trying to move potentially stubborn teeth or teeth that need extra movement. They will be added only if necessary and only at the half way point so a non event really.

Although I never really had too many expectations, interestingly my teeth don’t so much twist into place but rather the whole jaw and mouth is extended to create the room. (This is only my lay view I might add!) In doing so a fuller mouth is created, just as nature intended it I guess. Not that it was ever really a consideration but I’m so pleased I never contemplated veneers.

Just another three weeks wait and things can begin. This is one downside: from deciding to have treatment in July it won’t be until almost November before the first set of trays goes in, which is almost the treatment time itself!


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