Let the Journey Begin….

Finally, after what seems to be an age………(yawn!!) I set off for Soham Dental Practice! “Every journey starts with the first step” as they say.

Anyhow, I’m not disappointed. Paul Humber is on-time and is very friendly. Just right in his manner you could say? He goes through Invisalign and explains not only the basics but also the refinement process. He recommends that we spend as long as it takes (usually a further one-two months) with refinements to get the “perfect” finish. How fab! Paul is not only a true expert in his field but is clearly prepared to go the extra mile for his patients. Getting the right result seemed paramount to Paul. He did not see any major problems with my teeth and took a number of impressions (re-doing one set as he wasn’t 100% happy), a plethora of photos and a full round-the-head type x-ray.

He will now send my case to the USA and email me the initial diagnosis from Invisalign HQ. I should hear back in two weeks time. We will then discuss the outcome and agree on a final plan forward although I won’t need to go back for this. If all goes to plan I am to return on 31st October for the fitting of my first trays. Can’t wait…!

Journeying took 2 hrs 15 mins and was a pleasant enough drive. I’m happy enough and still convinced the same price, expertise and care was no-where to be found nearer home.

(I actually broke down on the way home and had to be rescued by the RAC – 5 hours to get back – hopefully a one off!)


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