Polish Comes Good! (who’d ‘ave thought it?)

To my surprise, I hear back from Dental Poland today via email….and I’m impressed! Martin is my contact there and sends me a fairly comprehensive breakdown of likely costs.

Their view was that the Damon braces system would be better for me. I’m not sure why – whether it’s time in the chair (which is obviously a major factor as the dentist’s chair is in Poland!) or whether it will achieve better results, or whether they are not licensed to provide Invisalign I don’t know? But anyhow the Damon system is based on train-tracks so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know it should work for me. Treatment time estimated at 12 months, so a little longer than my Invisalign estimates.

OK – so let’s talk turkey! Their quote, you’re asking?

Temp crown – £75; Damon system (both arches, clear brackets) £1500; Gum treatment £150; Final porcelain crown £400 = Total: £2125! They didn’t mention whitening but let’s assume this is FOC. If I add the white fillings the final bill will probably be approx £2250, which is very competitive indeed.

The only problem is the traveling I guess. I estimate at least 5 visits (without complications that is!) to have crowns made and braces tightened etc. At a conservative £250 per visit that’s another £1000, which brings the treatment in line with UK prices. Shame. But let me tell you folks if you need anything other than orthodontics you should seriously consider traveling to Eastern Europe. In fact, if Hopvine weren’t as competitive as they are I would give this some very serious consideration.


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