Decision Made – Feels Good Already!

I’ve seen one more dentist today – The Priory Dental Practice which is based in Aldridge, West Midlands. I was quoted £3300 + £500 crown + £200 fillings (total £4000) although there was a £150 discount for upfront payment.

Nice practice and one of my preferred choices – Top 3 I would say for his straight talking, confident approach; (£3300 a bit steep though just for the Invisalign, don’t you think?)

I’m home now and one quick call to Paul Humber’s practice in Soham and my decision is made! Phew! What a relief!

A lovely sounding nurse explained the “long-distance” options which included an extended first appointment of one hour for a full clinical examination and for x-rays and impressions to be taken. Then I would be emailed the computer program a few weeks afterwards showing the movement of my teeth (so no need to return to the practice – I will liaise with Paul by phone/email unless it is paramount I return to discuss anything further). The nurse also booked my second appointment 5 weeks after the first for my first trays to be fitted and payment to be taken – simples, as they say!

So, I’m pretty pleased – I have a leading practitioner (did I mention that Paul speaks at Invisalign events and also trains other dentists?) at the very competitive price of £2200 (which includes a £200 discount for upfront payment). I will be up and running with only two visits to Paul with a further 3,4 or 5 visits likely through the course of my treatment.

The only slight downside is the journeying and the possibility of further travel if there are complications – oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Now, all I have to do is wait until the 28th September for my first appointment. Only, I can’t wait. Come on I want my new teeth….now!!!

Hollywood here I come! (Like this!)

A final word on this post – I’m so glad I really went to town trying to find the right dentist. There is so much difference out there in terms of care, confidence, decency and price – my advice, take your time choosing the right dentist and get at least 3 opinions. (Then go to Paul Humber in Soham.)


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