Visit 6 – WS4 Dental Practice, Walsall

I see yet another dentist today, but only because it was in the dairy and he is fairly local otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I visit the WS4 practice in Walsall, West Midlands.

(Waiting again – the norm now, of course!)

He seemed OK and pretty much said what everyone had said. I thought he might. I was really only there to check his price and take a look at the practice.

I think throughout this whole experience so far I have been just a tad suspicious that these dentists are making far too much margin on these products. (Every one of them had a prestige car, some sported a flashy Rolex or other “big” watch etc! – Let’s be fair these guys are doctors and have studied and worked hard but hey I read law for 4 years but don’t see it my rite of passage to squillions!

Anyway, he quoted me £3,300 + £600 crown + free whitening

Can’t say I was that impressed. All fairly run of the mill.


2 responses to “Visit 6 – WS4 Dental Practice, Walsall

  1. of course theyhave nice cars, etc…its a profession where intelligence is rewarded. Show me one business that makes no mark up? What a ridiculous comment. Was enjoying your blog before this. Fill that chip on your shoulder in.

  2. My treatment cost about half of this price in the end!…..Half!. Not a third, quarter or other %. Half…..and from the one of leading providers of Invislaign to boot. If you want to go fund their lifestyle choices, be my guest. Personally, I try to bit more savvy with my cash! You’re the first person I’ve ever come across that likes being ripped off….lol!
    In fact, having been through the treatment, you spend only a few hours in the dentist chair. Far less than a client spends in my law office I might add! That’s one hefty hourly rate.

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