Off to Poland! (Surely not?)

I think I may have alluded to being fed up with the whole process. Maybe I’ll always be disappointed here in the UK with the greedy margins and smug dentists. Maybe there is another way….

It’s common knowledge now that many Eastern European dentists are touting for work in the UK with the promise of excellent treatment at a fraction of the cost. It seems credible too being backed up by many good reviews in the press and positive TV coverage. By way of example crowns costing £600 here cost £300 in Poland and white fillings costing £150 here are £35 there. Let’s say you need £2k of work doing, even after factoring in the travel costs (which actually appeals as I don’t mind city breaks) the savings are significant and probably in the region of £1,000!

I email a practice called Dental Poland. I send some images and as much information about my case as I can. I receive an immediate reply from an administrator promising a full quote (in so far as is possible) within a week.

I’ll let you know!

Update 23/08/11: Even though my decision has been made. I never did get a quote from Dental Poland (maybe it’ll come through but all too late now).

Update 26/08/11: I did get a reply after all. In fact I was far too quick to judge. All in all I was quite impressed. You can jump ahead to that post here! or carry on to the next post in sequence here.


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