Hope…(at last)

Did I say that I am pretty fed up in my search for a good, honest dentist that will neither rip me off nor deal with me in an unprofessional and impolite  manner. (OK a bit of a generalisation but all my experiences are here so judge for yourself!)

I continue to search on-line and find another practice called Hopvine House Dental Practice. They are based in Soham, Cambridgeshire, so basically miles away from me! Three things grabbed my attention: 1) The price. They offered an all inclusive package including whitening and genuine Invisalign retainers for £2,400 (£2,200 if payment was made upfront); 2) The dentist. Paul Humber is a speaker/teacher at Invisalign events, has written many published papers and does hundreds of cases per year. An expert you might say; 3) The personal touch. Nothing seemed too much hassle and the aftercare seemed excellent too. Even long-distant patients were catered for and posed no problem to Paul and his team.

My only slight dilemma was making the time to travel the distance. I emailed Paul and explained my case. I received a prompt and comprehensive reply, which reassured me even more. Just a few more inquiries then I MUST make a decision.


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