Visit 5 – Clayton Dental Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

So, after my extremely disappointing visit to the Birmingham Braces Clinic (did I say never go there, BTW?) I head off up the M6 motorway to Newcastle-under-Lyme to the Clayton Dental Centre. I have high hopes as the dentist I am to see is a “Platinum” provider of Invisalign (which means she does loads basically.)  The consultation is, of course, free of charge.

Francesca Dash is softly spoken and very thorough (although I am kept waiting….again!)

She is the first dentist to go through a complete program of change and recommends I replace the crown from the outset and whiten also to improve my smile for when I am in treatment. She thinks my case is fairly straightforward and quotes £2800 + £1000 crowns +£300 filings. The Invisalign treatment itself seems competitive (unless I fall into the next category of treatment, which I won’t know until after I have paid £200 for an examination…ahem, cough!). The extras are OK but not as competitive as elsewhere and maybe unnecessary too.

I should mention that Invislign retainers were offered at a cost of £600!! (no, not a misprint! well, apparently you get three sets!) I know from my research and current treatment that the retainers from Invisalign cost nothing like this. In my view, this is such a stupid strategy (!) It undermines the practice’s credibilty so much. A bit like a car dealership trying to convince you that the asking price is the lowest they can go due to the fantastic price they have given for your part-exchange or vis-a-versa. In other words they seemingly try to confuse you with pricing strategies, off-setting one price or item against another. Look guys, we can all tell!! HELLO!! Just charge a higher price for Invisalign and then (if you must charge at all for retainers) a justifiable price with appropriate mark-up only – oh, you can’t do that can you, because then you wouldn’t be as competitive on the Invisalign in the first place. All a bit silly, don’t you think, and especially for medical-based treatment – car dealerships, yes – dentists, no thank you!


2 responses to “Visit 5 – Clayton Dental Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

  1. I’m sure the practice at Clayton keeps revisiting this page (the wonders of modern technology, eh?). Sorry I didn’t come in the end guys! You were nice folk but the £200 “before we even get started” examination was a huge turn-off I’m afraid. Sorry!!

  2. I went to clayton and also didn’t proceed due to the examination cost and the high retainer cost. But hey I would have free whitening, big deal. They also kept pushing their fillers and Botox treatments as well as suggesting unnecessary procedures for my teeth.

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