Visit 4 – Birmingham Braces Clinic

Back to see Dr Jag Shergill.

I’m on time but kept waiting over 30 mins!

His first words were “We’ve seen you three times before. What can I do for you this time?” His attitude was surly, his manner abrupt, his smile through pursed lips. “Well, I thought, actually you’ve seen me twice, firstly it was your colleague for Six Month Smiles who later left the practice then, secondly you, again for Six Month Smiles prior to my redundancy, which was a necessary visit as we had never met (so once you could say!) This time it was for Invisalign and a final chat before pressing the button, so to speak.”

However, he was seriously abrupt – unnervingly so. He tried to stay polite but his contempt for me visiting his practice a third time was so obvious. I could see right through his sleazy smile as he tried to hide his annoyance (at what though? – A potential customer about to part with £4,000! – What a tosser!) I knew straight away I could not and would not give this man any of my hard earned money never mind entrusting my teeth to him. Furthermore, I could never recommend him for the same reason. Folks, trust me there are plenty of other dentists out there – just don’t go here. He’s not even that competitive!

The meeting was swift. he quoted £3,300 + £500 crown + free whitening.

I couldn’t wait to leave. “See ya Jag!….mate!!


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