Quick Recap

So far I’ve seen 4 dentists if I count Birmingham Braces Clinic the year before.

My conclusions so far are that they are generally very willing (within clinical suitability of course) to provide any course of treatment you either suggest or are willing to pay for. Dare you suggest a treatment and wham.. straight in for the kill. Yes Sir, suits you Sir (that’ll be £x thousand of pounds please.)

Only ONE dentist  had really told me the merits of the treatments and which one was advisable for me. The key word here being advisable! Please advise me – you’re the dentist!

So armed with my new knowledge about the right course of treatment for me I go on another journey, this time to find the right Invisalign provider. (No more Six Month Smiles!)

Tomorrow I go back to see Dr Jag Shergill at the Birmingham Braces Clinic. I’m really hopeful that this is it. I’ll talk to him about Invisalign this time. Get his quote and probably go for it if it seems competitive. I’ve seen him before and quite liked him. He was certainly very friendly first time around.



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