Visit 3 – New St Dental, Birmingham

OK – yesterday another dentist.

This time New St Dental, on New St, Birmingham. This time I was running late but only by 5 minutes. I arrive but then have to wait my self for 15 minutes.

I see the dentist who is hurried. OK I was 5 minutes late but it’s no biggie surely, especially when almost every dentist makes YOU wait.

This time voila! Six Month Smiles can be done but if I wanted the back teeth to be moved and most importantly the third tooth on the one side I would need either train tracks or Invisalign. Dr Kumar was the first dentist to really explore the Invisalign option with me. I did want the best possible outcome so decided that I would prefer more information and a quote for Invisalign as opposed to Six Month Smiles.

He quoted £3000 + £695 for my crown, with free whitening.

I left pleased that, on the one hand I finally had a measured clinical opinion and that Invisalign was a credible option for me but also pretty pissed off that I was rushed out the chair and reminded that I was late so had to be moved on for “the other patients who had kept there times” (Blimey Doc, have a tablet – I couldn’t help the traffic and it was only 5 minutes!”)

I felt I couldn’t go there due to his rudeness. His loss.


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