Visit 2 – Willows Dental Practice, Wombourne

Onwards then….

I’ve just seem a new dentist in Wombourne, near Wolverhampton. They also do Six Month Smiles and, most importantly at this stage, free consultations.

I meet a nice guy there (he’s running late too!) the principal and owner I think.

He agrees that Six Month Smiles is the way forward (I suppose he would, wouldn’t he! – It’s not that I’m saying he would offer anything clinically unsuitable but once the clinical box is ticked , I imagine the least path of resistance is preferred!) He also agrees to fix my crown, whiten at the end and do my two fillings as a whole package.

I exit the room and wait 10 mins. I then return and nearly faint at the cost £5000!

I tell him no way, not in this lifetime. So, incredibly, he reduces it to £3800! Just like that. What a tosser! He was blatantly trying to rip me off.

No way Jose!

To all you out there – NEVER go to this dentist (unless you like being ripped off!) I was livid but kept my cool and left in a polite manner.

Moving on then…………….


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