Visit 1 – Stella Maris Practice, West Bromwich

I went to the Stella Maris Practice in West Bromwich yesterday. It seemed OK but they were running 30 mins late (which really irritates me when it’s private treatment – they would turn you away if ever it was reversed!)

Anyhow, to my surprise, the dentist was quite negative. After I was press-ganged to pay £11 for an x-ray so she could see the merits of my crown she was very cautious about proceeding with any orthodontic treatment. She was unsure whether there was any fusion to the bone and generally unsure of herself in recommending Six Month Smiles. After a good 15 mins of poking around all she did was offer me a referral to a specialist orthodontist in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (which was miles away I might add).  There was no mention of Invisalign. I left pretty miffed and not much wiser.

I needed another dentist.


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